Learn how Extraco Technology supports the medical offices of Premier ER by keeping their intelligent systems running smoothly, even on holidays.

“Healthcare is a moving field that requires more and more technology. We needed to make sure we had a partner that could help us. That could come up with solutions to basically keep the doors open and our information safe.”

Paul Hamilton
Founder of Premier ER

Blackacre Title Company

Finding the right solutions to connect your business to the software and hardware you use daily can be a bright spot for your business. Add security, monitoring and custom programming, and you have a full-service technology team. Learn how Extraco Technology does this and more for Blackacre Title Company.

“They take everything with the same level of seriousness and priority and tend to our needs very quickly.”

Cy Long
Black Acre Title Company

Killeen Oral Surgery

Learn how Extraco Technology streamlined Killeen Oral Surgery’s business technology, including their medical equipment, by providing a quick response to technology issues and making the day-to-day function of their office easy.

“The frustration of daily business has been eliminated by using Extraco Technology.”

Aundrea Smith
Implant Coordinator
Killeen Oral Surgery

City of Lacy Lakeview

See how Extraco Technology supports municipalities with computer hardware, software, email platform, video surveillance, dark web monitoring and more.

“We’re a small city, but we have the same problems that big cities do. There’s a lot of things we can spend our time on, but I.T. problems is not one of them.”

Keith Bond
City Manager
City of Lacy Lakeview

Lorena Police Department

Find out how Extraco Technology keeps the Lorena Police Department’s data and computer systems safe and secure.

“Extraco Technology is very attentive to our needs, they are ahead of the game on technology, and we depend on them for our security — our computer systems. They have not failed us yet.”

Tom Dickson
Police Chief
City of Lorena

Freestone Credit Union

“We started using Extraco Technology in September of 2012. Our credit union is located in a small town and it's very difficult to find good IT support. We are very fortunate to have found a company that will travel out to help us when we've had issues. There have been many times that they have logged in remotely and taken care of problems very quickly online.

We have opened two branch offices since we signed up with Extraco Technology, and they handled all of our IT connections and made it a smooth transition. All three of our offices were tied together seamlessly. I don't know what we would have done without their help.

We have been very impressed with their professionalism and promptness every time we call with a problem. The employees at Extraco Technologies have gone above and beyond many times to take care of our needs. I feel like we have found an excellent IT support company and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for IT support.”

DeAnne Harris

City of McGregor

“We have been with Extraco Technology for the past 5 yrs and have had nothing but exemplary service. When we have an issue they are very responsive and attentive to get the issue fixed. They go above and beyond what we ask them to do to make everything run smoothly.”

Mike Olson
Director of Community Development

Killeen Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

“I cannot thank Extraco Technology enough for making our work life so much easier!
We joined them in 2012 and at that time had so many technical/software issues that it was a challenge to get through a workday without the computers crashing or half of the items non functional.  Once they came on board; the first order of business for them was to complete a detailed evaluation of our entire system set up, all work stations, and server.  With just re‑configuring how things were connected together, it made a tremendous improvement.  Never before have our systems ran so efficiently.
We also upgraded our server and many computers over the years and the transition has never been so effortless.  With previous vendors, it would take lots of down time while they got it all connected and configured.  With Extraco, there was NO down time at all.  They were able to configure everything prior to bringing the new items into the office which made final transition a breeze.
An added bonus is how friendly and helpful everyone at Extraco Technology is.  They never seem to be bothered when we call or email.  When they arrive at the office, they are very pleasant and helpful all around.
I cannot express how much I appreciate and support Extraco Technology.  I truly believe there is no better company out there...and believe me, we have tried them all!”

Sherry Compton
Clinical Director